Baby Trend: “Heave-Ho” to the CIO (Cry it Out Method)

Baby Trend Thursday~ heave ho to the CIO!

CIO (Cry it Out) needs a swift kick to the curb.  It has no place in sleep-training.  There is many a method to calm, soothe, and lull a sweet bambino into dreamland…  not a single one of them suggests that your newborn baby bear be left to weep in solitude, while you Mama Bear listen helplessly on the other side of the cave door.  Even the King of CIO, Dr. Ferber himslef, made a concession to his long-held cry-it-out stance in support of co-sleeping benefits.  Even so, I’d like crack that quack right over his ferberized head!  I would seriously sock it to him with a fistful of the five S’s (Dr. Karp’s cuddle cure), a jab of attchment parenting, and an uppercut punch to etsablish a patterned routine.  Sweet Dreams Babycakes!

Yours in babyhood, Lisa Lynn


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